Of the ingredients used to modify the properties of rubber and plastic products, the filler often plays a significant role. The term “filler” is misleading, implying a material intended primarily to occupy space and act as a cheap diluent of the more costly elastomer, increase the modulus of the polymer and reduce molding cycles as a result of increased thermal conductivity.

Depending on the type of filler, other polymer properties could be affected; for example, melt viscosity could be significantly increased through the incorporation of fibrous materials. On the other hand, mold shrinkage and thermal expansion would be reduced, a common effect of most inorganic fillers.

Moharamplast has established a leading filler technology based on a special calcium carbonate filler type modified with coupling agents and processing aids that act as wetting agents in order to assist dispersion, improves processability and physical properties as well as the retention of physical properties with environmental exposure. It provides white pigmentation to achieve high gloss, reduces cycle time and long term heat ageing and improves physical properties.

1. MP 1705 – C70

2. MP 1903 – C80

3. PP MP1585-T