Rotational molding also known as (rotomolding or rotational casting) is one of the fastest growing plastics processing methods for producing seamless, stress-free, one-piece hollow products. It has significant advantages compared to traditional methods (extrusion or injection molding) such as fewer design constraints, lower capital investment costs, and greater flexibility.

Rotational molding techniques coupled with polyolefin powders can be used to make hollow items of any size, open or closed, and of any desired shape.

On the production line, this process can now compete with blow molding, injection molding and thermoforming. In many cases, pieces virtually impossible to fabricate by any other processes can be produced by rotomolding.

Moharamplast has developed commercially available products compounded from high performance polymers and designed to fulfill the requirements of rotational molding applications and also suitable for injection molding applications.

1. MDPE – MP3840U

2. MDPE – MP3450U

3. LLDPE – MP50035U