Demand is growing for new plastic materials with improved performance and technically advanced color management that can take all these requirements and applications into account.

Color measurement and matching may seem to be simple, but it represents some of the greatest challenges and difficulties in the plastic processing industry. Getting the appearance of the product or component right is fundamental to getting the product right, it is the first thing a customer sees.

Color is not the only factor in the general aspect of appearance; surface texture and gloss level in conjunction with color are major elements for getting the appearance match needed for the product to be acceptable.

Moharamplast has a well-earned reputation in the black and white business. We are a major supplier of black and white masterbatch that have bright colors, smooth texture, high gloss and compatible with wide variety of polyethylene types and could be used for wide range applications.

1. MB1005-C35

2. MB1105-C40

3. MBU2010 – T40

4. MBU1603-T50

5. MBU2040-T70